Artisan Series Program

“Artisan Series Program is a rather unusual one with the premise being the development and construction of a limited number of unique instruments based upon the standard line of Briggs Guitars offerings, but with unusualĀ  combinations of exotic woods, colors, inlays and trimmings, etc. By and large “what Jack Briggs sees in his mind’s eye.”

Artisan Series pictures

Reserve Stock Program

“Reserve Stock Program is something I consider very rare in the realm of modern electric guitars built at any volume. This program involves the use of acoustic-grade air dried tonewoods to construct solid and semi-hollow bodied electric guitars. Hot hide glue is used throughout the construction and the very finest hand-wound pickups help to voice these special instruments. This is somewhat unprecedented in this arena and in my opinion takes the Reserve Stock Program guitars onto a higher level of tonality and responsiveness.”

Reserve Stock Program pictures